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Entry #29

its a new post wow!

2016-01-26 02:14:31 by Happy-Little-Trees

Do what you want I guess


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2016-12-29 03:04:15

If it's not tonight, it's very likely tomorrow night, sorry.

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

Has it already happened?


2017-04-26 21:20:56


Happy-Little-Trees responds:

i am glad to see you alive


2017-05-11 17:50:00

I started that rumor, no idea if I'm rly alive or not

Happy-Little-Trees responds:



2017-07-02 13:02:44

Hope you're not harvesting organs or credit information for the Mexican drug cartel(s) without me
I'm ready for a new assignment

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

I'm in Canada for my cousin's wedding actually


2017-07-30 00:39:58

Hey, sweet, that's good news eh. Hope the change in scenery is giving you a nice perspective on whatever ;) I know I'll be miserable no matter where I go, maybe when I finally start wearing contact lenses again after like 8 months...

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

i got contacts again too. theyre grey this time. me and nick broke up. find him a girl. i had a connecting flight in jersey twice and i thought about you


2017-08-20 06:18:32

New eye doctor ran me thru her hamburger trimming operation (exam, no frills, no proof of work on her part), can see ok but the brand and strength are wrong, gotta talk to her senior partner.

Nick's the only one I know that's sane in his part of the world. I'd give him my old motorcycle and a few bucks if I'd thought it would help (and not kill him), best advice for him would be to move to Dubai... or wherever ... lot of NJ fugees in NC, might be some graft and upper scale busking to be had. He's got potential as a gigolo idk, w/ a heart of gold?

Hope the air didn't stink too bad here, there's a refinery near the port and airport, pipes go over and under the Turnpike, sure make a 'aloha snackbar' kinda soft target. Glad I'm (currently) far enough south of that mess. I know 1 movie and a few TV shows that shot there.

Every time I see a drawing of a woof, I think of you. Owl's too. We should all get on Discord (kinda like skype but w/ out video) see if we can't talk to each other.

Or I'd like to read. So you got diplomaed, how's thing been since then?


2017-08-22 15:42:39

How about construction, I could see you as a framer. A lot of ppl like myself have just given up or got too fucked up to take that kinda work any more.

Now don't rip my head off, but how about listing w/ a talent agency? Could model clothes from the local stores, or do TV/radio ads... don't do the ones that ask you to play a part in a outdoor demonstration though, you'd be subcontracted to work for broadcast TV's news division ._.

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

i didnt know they took ugly models lol
im too short to be a model anyways
im going for teaching i think


2017-08-30 01:51:21

Yeah us short ppl actually have to have skills n shit, I think being tall is just another excuse to limit new talent into watevr. See anything up north worth mentioning?

IDK about teaching, need a little paper degree/exp teaching and a state license to get the moderately good money, could be wrong though. @linda-mota and I have been friends for a while, she's done some advanced babysitting, but she had most a of a college degree(s) behind her before applying. Bless her heart for grad-ing on time and debt free.

Wonder how much weight you need to be able to lift to be an EMT, s' good cheap and cheerful degree that practically makes you a doctor IRL, a guy I race w/ in GTA used to be one, as well as a firefighter, I'll ask em about both... fuck it, could at least chuck an axe.

Either way, omg plz do keep thwackin targets for place, show and profit. Bet taxidermy is a dying art lol, fur on sculptures or skellingtons n stuffing. I have faith in you to find a fun-for-pet food thing soon, my best internet friend.


2017-10-08 15:47:13

Ugh been sick, but wow I'd love to present you w/ this, since I missed your birthday