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Guys its Hitlers birthday too!

2015-04-20 22:34:58 by Happy-Little-Trees

Show love for my boy adolph guyzz 4546629_142958369891_hitler.jpg


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2015-04-20 22:36:55

Fucking fascist commie! Long live america!

(Updated ) Happy-Little-Trees responds:

I expected you to say something in German
No sex for you tonight for disappointing me!


2015-04-20 22:41:58

Wir mussen die nationalsozialistichenpartei ausrotten?

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

too little too late!!


2015-04-20 23:00:27

I thought it was all about the unconsensual incestuous sodomy

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

Jamie Lannister? is that you?


2015-04-21 16:54:22

No I didn't know there was a new post. Had to look up... oh woof, you watch GoT? Every time I see clips of that show, I feel like, "This could all be mine with an iPod, a boomstick, and a few boxes of ammo."

Meat's getting more expensive, drugs too, though not as much... it really is a fascist country anymore

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

I watch it with Nick so it's fun
Plus it's a really good show
Definitely one of my favorites


2015-04-23 00:40:26

posting here because reasons

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

State your reasons


2015-04-23 12:19:48

Well, wish me luck (and enough food and coffee to see me through), it's tough facing up to your fears of being terribly lonely in a crowd. I really do think about you every day you know.

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

Its tough thinking about facing your fears to meet just one person
Just hang around people you know but don't be too clingy and don't give out to much info about yourself


2015-04-24 22:30:14

To comment on this blog post in a very commenty way.

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

Answer invalid.
Please try again.


2015-04-27 02:52:20

I'm doing better every year I go to this thing, but I still nod and pass by... kinda resting for the next counter, it's fun once you get the hang of it. Kinda hungy though, I passed by a burger so some kid could eat it ya know. Stamper and I molested each other, made my evening.


2015-04-28 21:33:49



2015-04-30 19:09:28

Damn....because I felt like commenting ._.

Happy-Little-Trees responds:

wrong post!